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Titanium.Agency is a Digital Marketing Agency that works with established web sites and brands to help
them grow their business online by an order of magnitude or more.

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Digital Marketing Loop
Build an Audience

build an audience

Building an audience is hard.  While a strong brand and awesome content are major keys to success in the digital age, this is not enough.  Titanium will work with you to unlock the full potential of paid advertising.  We will implement the most cost effective program to sponsor your content so your message is guaranteed to hit your target audience at the right time to fully capture their attention.

Engage your Audience

Engage your Audience

Once you’ve built an audience, it’s critical that you have a plan to engage and re-engage with them over time.  To begin, Titanium will ensure that your audience is properly identified and segmented for you to have the ability to reach them again and again.  We will implement a marketing program that will utilize both free and sponsored content that can maximize your re-engagement numbers while also minimizing your average cost per engagement.

Monitize your site

Monetize your site

You’ve developed awesome content. You’ve implemented a marketing budget to maximize your reach and engagement. Now you need to make a return on that investment.  Regardless of your business goals, web site monetization (yes Ads!) should be leveraged to help recoup your marketing costs.  Titanium has relationships with all major industry partners and can help design a program that optimizes ad placements that will work in conjunction with your paid marketing programs to ensure a healthy ROI.

Measure the result

measure the results

It is impossible to achieve success online at scale without top notch data and analytics. Titanium will leverage our best in class analytics to ensure we close the loop so that we can measure end to end success down to the penny from content development through audience acquisition, re-engagement AND monetization.  No, this is not simply Google Analytics!

our services

Social media marketing

We will implement Facebook and Instagram Ad campaigns that will reach your target audience at the right time and place in order to generate high-quality traffic to your landing pages to maximize sales, leads and revenue. Read More...

search engine marketing

We will implement search engine marketing campaigns on Google, Bing and Yahoo to generate traffic to your site from people who are searching keywords that are relevant to your brand and content. Read More...

search engine optimization

We will fully optimize the quality and quantity of your web traffic by closely aligning the keyword rich content on your site with the relevant goals that your end users expect. This will ensure your website appears high in search engine organic results. Read More...


Compelling, high quality, unique content is the cornerstone of any digital marketing program.  We will help ensure you’ve got the right content to align with your marketing programs by leveraging our community of subject matter experts. Read More...

desktop and mobile monetization

We will ensure you’ve got the best ad units in the industry, placed optimally to maximize revenue AND ensure your business goals are being delivered.  Any good digital media marketing program will leverage ads to subsidize, if not fully support, all paid marketing spend. Read More...


Return on investment!  We will tell you to the penny what the ROI is for each and every marketing campaign.  Industry leading analytics enables us to scale your marketing programs beyond what you thought was possible so that you make more money, not less! Read More...